Teaching History 153: The Holocaust & Other Genocides


By HA, published 17th December 2013

The Holocaust & Other Genocides

02 Editorial

03 HA Secondary News

04 Tamsin Leyman and Richard Harris - Connecting the dots: helping Year 9 to debate the purposes of Holocaust and genocide education

11 Darius Jackson - ‘But I still don't get why the Jews': using cause and change to answer pupils' demand for an overview of antisemitism

18 Leanne Judson - ‘It made my brain hurt, but in a good way': helping Year 9 learn to make and to evaluate explanations for the Holocaust

26 IOE Update - Rebecca Hale

30 Alison Stephen - Patterns of genocide: can we educate Year 9 in genocide prevention?

38 Elisabeth Kelleway, Thomas Spillane and Terry Haydn - ‘Never again'? Helping Year 9 think about what happened after the Holocaust and learning lessons from genocides

45 New, Novice or Nervous?

46 Mark Gudgel - A short twenty years: meeting the challenges facing teachers who bring Rwanda into the classroom

56 James Woodcock - History, music and law: commemorative cross-curricularity

60 Polychronicon - Dan Stone

62 Andrew Preston - An authentic voice: perspectives on the value of listening to survivors of genocide

72 Move Me On

76 Mummy, mummy...

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