Teaching History 156: Chronology


By HA, published 24th September 2014


02 Editorial

03 HA Secondary News

04 HA Update

08 Paula Worth - ‘English king Frederick I won at Arsuf, then took Acre, then they all went home’: exploring the challenges involved in reading and writing historical narrative

20 Polychronicon - Jay Winter

22 John Watts and David Gimson - taking new historical research into the classroom: getting medieval (and global) at Key Stage 3

32 Michael Fordham - But why then?’ Chronological context and historical interpretations

40 Triumphs Show -Maria Osowiecki and Robin Francis

42 David Waters -  host of histories: helping Year 9s explore multiple narratives through the history of a house

51 Michael Crumplin, Carol Divall and Tom Wheeley - Defying the Iron Duke: assessing the Battle of Waterloo in the classroom

57 New, Novice or Nervous?

60 MOve Me On

64 Mummy, mummy...

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