Teaching History 166: The Moral Maze

The HA's journal for secondary history teachers

HA, last updated: 3rd April 2017

In this edition of Teaching History

02  Editorial

03  HA Secondary News

04  HA Update

08  Putting Catlin in his place? Helping Year 9 to problematize narratives of the American West – Jess Landy

16 Cunning Plan – Rachel Foster and Kath Goudie

20  Active remembrance: the value and importance of making remembrance relevant and personal – Claire McKay

28 New, Novice or Nervous?

30  ‘If you had told me before that these students were Russians, I would not have believed it’: an international project about the (New) ‘Cold War’ - Bjorn Wansink, Itzel Zuiker, Theo Wubbels, Maurits Kamman and Sanne Akkerman

37 Thinking makes it so: cognitive psychology and history teaching – Michael Fordham

44 Polychronicon - Aaron Watts

46 Of the many significant things that have ever happened, what should we teach? Magna Carta as a focus for learning about power – Tony McConnell

56 Move Me On

60 Mummy, Mummy…

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