Teaching History 179: Culture in Conversation

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Published: 3rd July 2020

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10 No more ‘doing’ diversity: how one department used Year 8 input to reform curricular thinking about content choice – Catherine Priggs (Read article)

20 What Have Historians Been Arguing About... migration and empire – Lauren Working (Read article)

24 Teaching Year 9 to argue like cultural historians: recasting the concept of empathy as historical perspective – Alexander Benger (Read article)

36 Unpicking the threads of interpretations: tangling up Year 8 in the messy world of views on Oliver Cromwell – Dan Keates (Read article)

44 How history learners can ‘dig school’ under lockdown – Carenza Lewis (Read article)

50 What’s The Wisdom On... change and continuity? (Read article)

54 Reimagining a rebel: how introducing cultural and intellectual history improves critical analysis in the classroom – Steven Driver (Read article)

66 Cunning Plan… for using TV producers’ techniques to make the most effective use of retrieval practice – Pam Canning (Read article)

82 Can you tell us the answer instead? Using the Harkness method to help post-16 students make confident historical claims – Carina Ancell, Alan Kunna, Chris Dillon and Toby Green (Read article)

82 ‘Like a triangle with Hitler at the top’: moving Year 9 towards more complex causal explanations of Holocaust perpetration – Matthew Duncan (Read article)

92 Move Me On: Supporting new history teachers in a lockdown (Read article)

96 Mummy, Mummy...

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