OFSTED, primary history and creativity

Primary History article

By Tim Lomas, published 22nd March 2013

Co-ordinators concerns: OFSTED, primary history and creativity

I'm told the emphasis in schools now is for a rigorous approach to history where the children are taught the main facts and features of history. I recall a time not so long ago when the whole curriculum was about creativity but surely I need to put this aside now and focus on the content.

Creativity & History - Myth and Reality

There is a commonly-held myth that creativity is the opposite of "real" history. Nothing could be further from the truth. Professional historians are the first to  acknowledge that they need to be imaginative and creative in filling the gaps when the evidence ends. Without this, history would be tantamount to a series of jigsaw pieces unconnected into any shape or form. Creativity does not take away the rigour of history. It still requires the use of evidence and is certainly not a flight of fantasy activity...

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