Primary History 63: History & Creativity

The primary education journal of the Historical Association

By HA, published 23rd March 2013

History & Creativity...

Editorial and In My View

04 Editorial - history and creativity

05 Creativity and history - Hilary Cooper (Read article)


08 A creative Egyptian project - Caitlin Bates (Read article)

09 Diogenes - WHITHER CREATIVITY?! A consideration of the article Creativity and the Primary Curriculum - Peter Vass (Read article)

10 Creativity in Nuffield Primary History - Project Exemplar Lesons and the Primary History Journal, 2000-2011 - Sarah Codrington

12 Co-ordinators concerns: OFSTED, primary history and creativity - Tim Lomas (Read article)


14 Creating the ‘creative history' website - Patricia Silver-Warner (Read article)

15 Geosong: an innovative primary/secondary transition project - David Sheldon (Read article)

16 Creativity in teaching and learning at the Geffrye Museum - Janice Welch (Read article)

18 Museums, schools and creativity - HOW LEARNING CAN BE ENHANCED - Hilary Ferries

Case studies

20 Case Study 1: Creative aproaches to thematic or topic based whole school curriculum planning - Linsey Maginn (Read article)

22 Case Study 2: Creative chronological thinking - Hugh Moore, with thanks to Emma Wright (Read article)

24 Case Study 3: Promoting creativity, empathy and historical imagination: EARLY YEARS STUDENTS LEARNING THE TOPIC ‘PORTUGUESE DISCOVERIES' - Glória Solé (Read article)

27 Case Study 4: Creative aproaches to learning about the Bristol blitz - Penelope Harnett, Greg Davies, Steve Baxter and Robbie Keast (Read article)

30 Case Study 5: Creative exploration of local, national and global links 1650 - Sarah Whitehouse and Mark Jones (Read article)

34 Case Study 6: The history on your doorstep - USING ARCHIVES CREATIVELY - Sue Temple (Read article)

36 Case Study 7: The history club - Lee Partridge (Read article)

38 Case Study 8: Constructing women's past and gender perspective in history teaching through creative activities - PUPILS AS JOURNALISTS - Gulcin Dilek (Read article)

Professional Development

40 It's more than just glueing and sticking...creativity in museums - Jules Wooding

43 Creativity on the HA website - support for teachers and pupils - Alf Wilkinson

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