Primary History 87

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Published: 20th February 2021

In this edition of Primary History

04 Editorial (Read article for free)

05 HA Primary News

06 HA Update

08 The revised EYFS Framework: exploring ‘Past and Present’ – Helen Crawford (Read article)

10 History in the news

12 How did a volcano affect life in the Bronze Age? – Alf Wilkinson (Read article)

14 Exploring the spices of the east: how curry got to our table – Karin Doull (Read article)

19 Ancient Sumer: the cradle of civilisation – Susie Townsend (Read article)

24 ‘I have got to stop Mrs Jackson’s family arguing’: developing a big picture of the Romans, Anglo-Saxons and Vikings – Carol Jackson and Darius Jackson (Read article)

28 Subject leader’s site: assessment and feedback – Tim Lomas (Read article)

32 Fifty years ago we lost the need to know our twelve times tables – Karin Doull (Read article)

34 Take one day: undertaking an in-depth local enquiry – Kate Thomson and Tracey Wire (Read article)

39 Belmont’s evacuee children: a local history project – George Skinner and Judith Peel (Read article)

46 Ofsted and primary history – Tim Jenner (Read article)

48 One of my favourite history places: Eyam – Penelope Harnett (Read article)

Centre spread double-sided pull-out poster: 
‘Twelve pennies make a shilling; twenty shillings make a pound’ - Could you manage old money?
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Cover image: Lyre of a Bull’s Head from Queen Pu-Abi’s tomb as displayed in the British Museum.

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