Taj ul-Alam Safiatuddin Syah: a trailblazing Islamic queen

Historian article

By Khadija Tauseef, published 24th November 2022

Khadija Tauseef introduces the first of four successive sultanahs of Aceh during the seventeenth century.

As the sun sets on the glorious reign of Queen Elizabeth II, we pause and look back at the many queens that have contributed greatly to our historical heritage. While female sovereigns in Islamic kingdoms were a rarity, there were several who not only took the throne but had long and magnificent reigns. The kingdom of Aceh saw the rule of four successive queens, the first of which was Sultanah Taj ul-Alam Safiatuddin. She would set the standard for her successors.

She successfully ruled over her kingdom for 35 years, the longest reigning monarch in Aceh at the time. Negotiating through troubled water and keeping both the elite and European colonizers satisfied, while ensuring the wealth and prosperity of her country, she was not merely a figurehead but ruled successfully in her own right... 

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