Is any explanation better than none?

Teaching History article

By Peter Lee and Denis Shemilt, published 25th March 2010

Over-determined narratives, senseless agencies and one-way streets in students' learning about cause and consequence in history

Please note: this article pre-dates the 2014 National Curriculum and some content may be outdated.

What do we know about progression in historical understanding? In Teaching History 113, Lee and Shemilt discussed what progression models can and cannot do to help us think about measuring and developing pupils' understanding and illustrated their discussion with reflections on what is known about progression in the understanding of evidence. In Teaching History 117, Lee and Shemilt explored what is known about progression in the understanding of accounts and interpretations. In this article they apply their formidable knowledge and experience to historical explanation and causal reasoning.

What does meaningful progression in historical explanation look like?

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