Teaching History 137: Marking Time


By HA, published 25th March 2010

Marking Time


HA Secondary News

1. Jerome Freeman and Joanne Philpott - ‘Assessing Pupil Progress': transforming teacher assessment in Key Stage 3 history

2. Jannet van Drie, Albert Logtenberg, Bas van der Meijden and Marcel van Riessen - "When was that date?" Building and assessing a frame of reference in the Netherlands

3. Triumphs show - Jennifer Davison

4. Cunning Plan - Robin Conway

5. Peter Seixas - A modest proposal for change in Canadian history education

6. Barnaby Nemko - Are we creating a generation of ‘historical tourists'? Visual assessment as a means of measuring pupils' progress in historical interpretation

7. Peter Lee and Denis Shemilt - Is any explanation better than none? Over-determined narratives, senseless agencies and one-way streets in students' learning about cause and consequence in history

8. Polychronicon - Dr Robert Poole Bringing space travel down to Earth

9. Scott Allsop - ‘We didn't start the fire': using 1980s popular music to explore historical significance by stealth

10. Move Me On

11. Mummy, mummy...

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