Teaching History 149: In Search of the Question


By HA, published 3rd January 2013

In Search of the Question

02 Editorial 

03 HA Secondary News

04 HA Update

08 Ed Podesta - Helping Year 7 put some flesh on Roman bones (Read article)

18 Diana Laffin - Marr: magpie or marsh harrier? The quest for the common characteristics of the genus ‘historian' with 16- to 19-year-olds (Read article)

26 Cunning Plan: A Year 7 lesson on Gladiators - Nicholas Flynn (Read article)

28 Paula Worth - Competition and counterfactuals without confusion: Year 10 play a game about the fall of the Tsarist empire to improve their causal reasoning (Read article)

36 Polychronicon: The Persian Wars - Tom Harrison (Read article)

38 Maria Osowiecki ‘...trying to count the stars': using the story of Bergen-Belsen to teach the Holocaust (Read article)

47 New, Novice or Nervous? Getting pupils to argue about causes (Read article)

48 Cunning Plan: Exploring the Migration Experience - Cecilia Axelsson (Read article)

50 Christine Counsell, Rachel Foster, Maria Georgiou, Maria Mavrada, Meltem Onurkan, Mary Partridge and Hasan Samani Bridging the divide with a question and a kaleidoscope: designing an enquiry in a challenging setting (Read article)

60 Move Me On: how to provide appropriate support for certain students without restricting what they can achieve (Read article)

64 Mummy, mummy...

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