Case Study: The history club

Primary History article

By Lee Partridge, published 21st March 2013

Case Study: The history club

Editorial note: this is an introductory article on the History Club concept: Primary History 64, summer 2013, on History and the new 2014+ National Curriculum for History will provide a vade mecum for schools to develop their own History Clubs.

.... sometimes we use the past and today, modern times, to think about the future. [History Club member]


A Gloucestershire primary school contacted the Historical Association about an after school History Club for 6-11 year olds that involved archaeology and history. The initial contact was sufficiently fascinating for an HA member to visit the school twice to find out about the History Club. On the second visit the History Club presented an exhibition of its work and the opportunity to interview its members.

The visits revealed a History Club teacher and pupil creativity cornucopia overflowing with...

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