Primary History 70

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By HA, published 16th June 2015

Shang, Romans, Local History...

04 Editorial

05 HA Primary News

06 Learning in the Early Years through Local People and Places: developing historical concepts in the Early Years Foundation Stage - Alison Hales (Read article)

08 Enquiry: developing puzzling, enjoyable, effective historical investigations - Ian Dawson (Read article)

15 Key Stage 1 local history through fresh eyes - Polly Tucknott (Read article)

20 The importance of history vocabulary - Steve Davy (Read article)

24 The Roman Empire and its impact on Britain - Sue Temple  (Read article)

32 The Shang: What can we tell about an ancient civilisation from one tomb? - Alf Wilkinson (Read article)

39 Ideas for Assemblies: Remembrance - Bev Forrest and Stuart Tiffany (Read article)

40 What your local Archive Service can offer to schools - Anna Carter (Read article)

42 TREE-mendous history! How Forest School and Nature Play can develop the learning of history - Tina Roberts (Read article)

47 The back cover image - Reconstructing the Romans - Catherine McHarg (Read article)

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