The Historian 127: Agincourt

The magazine of the Historical Association

Published: 21st October 2015


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4 Reviews

5 Editorial

6 Agincourt 1415-2015 - Anne Curry (Read Article)

11 The President's Column

12 Welsh archers at Agincourt: Myth and reality - Adam Chapman (Read Article)

18 On the campaign trail: walking the Hundred Years War - Peter Hoskins (Read Article)

24 Henry V in the cinema: Laurence Olivier's charismatic version of history - Richard Inverne (Read Article)

30 Playing for high stakes: the archer's stake and the battle of Agincourt - Mark Hinsley (Read Article)

36 My Favourite History Place: Magdeburg's Altstadt - Elisabeth Davies (Read Article)

37 Mary Seacole in ten tweets - Paula Kitching

38 Out and About in Montreuil-sur-Mer - John Painter (Read Article)

42 WWI and the flu pandemic: life, death and memory - Hugh Gault (Read Article)

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