Primary History 77

The primary education journal of the Historical Association

Published: 4th October 2017


04 Editorial (Read article)

05 HA Primary News

08 Learning about the Past in the Early Years through the Theme of ‘People Who Help Us’ – Helen Crawford (Read article)

10 Is There a Place for The Holocaust in the Primary Curriculum? – Martin Winstone (Read article)

18 ‘It’s A Great Big Ship!’ Teaching The Titanic at Key Stage 1 – Jo Connor and Andy Skinner (Read article)

24 History Outside the Classroom at Key Stage 1 – Elaine Skates (Read article)

28 Home Front Legacy 1914-18 – Chris Kolonko (Read article)

32 The Vikings: Ruthless Killers or Peaceful Settlers? – Sarah Whitehouse and Penelope Harnett (Read article)

40 Having Fun Through Time – Ian Dawson (Read article)

46 M&S Brings over 130 Years of Archives into your Classroom – Caroline Bunce (Read article)

50 One of my Favourite History Places: Hadrian's Wall – Sue Temple (Read article)

52 Ideas for Assemblies: Women in Parliament – Stuart Tiffany (Read article)

54 History in the News – Juno Rae

55 The Workshop of the World: Industrial Collections in Local Museums – Jules Wooding

Regular features

Primary History magazine runs a number of great regular features including Ideas for Assemblies, One of My Favourite History Places and our Primary Pull-out Posters. You can view all editions of these features here.

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