Tudor Portraits: Who am I?

Lesson Plan

By Jane Foster, published 9th December 2010

Please note: this resource pre-dates the 2014 National Curriculum.

‘Who am I?' - what can we tell about this person from the clothes he/she is wearing?

Pupils use pictures and portraits as evidence for social diversity of Tudor life.

Pupils write pen portraits of characters, extending their vocabulary with the help of a glossary.

The lessons had a historical focus whilst incorporating learning objectives from the literacy strategy such as using a glossary. The key question: Who am I ? was aimed at using portraits and pictures as a source of historical evidence and a focus for enquiry, but also provided a valuable stimulus for descriptive writing.

The day before the lesson two parents who belong to a Tudor re-enactment group visited our class. They brought a selection of artefacts and clothes.

Useful source of images: Web Gallery of Art 

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