Victorian child labour: slate mining

Lesson Plan

By Paul Brown, Shropshire, published 10th January 2011

Victorian child labour: slate mining

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Download Resources 1 and 2 as well as the teachers' notes. 

Resources 1 gives you the paragraphs for the children to cut up.

Resources 2 has the frame which children stick the paragraphs on (enlarge this to A3), plus a sample to show you what the end result should be.

The children examined the concept of work, what it involves and how it has changed, and worked co-operatively together. This child labourer is proud of his work.

History: the children learned about a miner's work in a slate mine in Victorian Britain.

Literacy: the children read challenging texts, working on two different genre types - autobiography and non-chronological reports.

Editor's note: The teaching described could be adapted and used with a range of texts, with or without a site visit looming!

See also the West Somerset Mineral Railway

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