Olympic Games

Lesson Plan

By Jacqui Dean, published 11th January 2011

This was the fourth lesson in a ten-week unit about the ancient Greeks. We had already looked at Homer's Iliad, examining Greek ideas about heroes and roles; investigated the evidence for the Trojan War; and used topic books to identify and classify the main features of ancient Greek life. Throughout the unit ran a strong literacy strand.

Now, in an Olympic year, we turned to the ancient Olympic Games.

We knew the children would have concepts of the Olympics gained from the modern Games. So, we decided to present the class with the challenge of learning from clues found on Greek pottery - to interpret and organise the pictures painted on the pottery to create the ancient Olympic Games programme.

This active approach is particularly productive with visual and kinaesthetic learners.

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Background information
Ancient Greeks for teachers

Teaching methods

Speaking and listening

The Visual Image

Ancient Greece: try these other lessons

Ancient Greek Government

Archimedes and the kings crown

Archimedes and the Syracusan War

The Iliad

Ancient Greek ideas: science

Ancient Greek myths

Socrates, Alcibiades, and Athenian democracy

Boxing boys from Ancient Greece

Looking at the evidence ... see

Theseus and the Minotaur

Finding out about the teacher

Cross-curricular learning


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