Archimedes and the Kings Crown

Lesson Plan

By Jon Nichol, published 11th January 2011

Cross-curricular History and Science in the Literacy Hour

Problem-solving in science through story-telling: how did Archimedes work out much gold there was in the king's crown?

Archimedes is an excellent subject. Indeed, Archimedes offers an excellent cross-curricular lesson opportunity, as he covers science, mathematics and a range of other subjects, including cunning plans to defeat enemy armies and navies.

This is the first of 3 lessons. See also:
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This was the first lesson with a mixed year 3/4 class in a small rural primary school. The heads, Laura's brief was to teach the Literacy hour using the context of History. The children had already heard all the standard Greek stories, so Archimedes was a good addition. My own brief from Laura was to stress storytelling, building on an idea that Liz Raybould, a Shropshire teacher, had developed and was happy for me to adapt.

For more about Archimedes visit this wonderful website - it is great fun. Keep the Claw to the end!

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