Outline plan using key questions: Vikings example

A Series of Lessons (KS2)

Published: 25th January 2011

Overall key question: Who were the Vikings?

Lesson 1

Key question: What can a case study tell us about the Vikings?

Building on prior knowledge - what the children knew and what they wanted to know.
Digging up a burial mound on the Isle of Man, and discovering many aspects of Viking life from the archaeological finds. (Lesson coming)

Lesson 2

Key question: Vicious Vikings?

Groups investigate aspects of Viking life, to discover the breadth of Viking culture, achievements, beliefs and practices.
Home and beliefs
Arts and crafts
Raiders and warriors
Traders and travellers
Explorers and invaders
(Lesson coming)

Lesson 3

Key question: What can place names tell us about Viking settlement?

Viking settlement patterns in England - a local investigation using place name research.
See Vikings settle down

Lesson 4

Key question: What did the Vikings value?

Egil saves his head: a York-based story from the Icelandic sagas, plus pupil role play.
Viking poetry: language and values.
See Egils saga

Lesson 5

Key question: How and where did the Vikings trade?

Viking trade networks - role play.
Timeline - where did the Vikings fit in?
See Viking trade