Teaching History 138: Enriching History


HA, last updated: 29th July 2010

Enriching History


HA Secondary News

Alf Wilkinson: Making cross-curricular links in history: some ways forward.

James Woodcock: Disciplining cross-curricularity? Cottenham Village College history department's inter-disciplinary projects: an evaluation.

Michael Monaghan: Having ‘Great Expectations' of Year 9 Inter-disciplinary work between English and history to improve pupils' historical thinking.

Jamie Byrom:  ‘How do ideas travel?' east meets west - and history meets science.

Andrew Wrenn: History's secret weapon: the enquiry of a disciplined mind.

Steve Illingworth: From ‘splendid isolation' to productive alliances: developing meaningful cross-curricular approaches.

Lesley Munro: What about history? Lessons from seven years with project-based learning.

Polychronicon: Dr Stephen Tuck. From a Great Man to a Great Man.

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