Cunning Plan 98: Britain 1750-1900

Teaching History feature

By Richard Cunningham, published 11th February 2000

Cunning(ham's) Plan For 'Britain 1750-1900'

Isaac Newton: ‘For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction'. Learning that results from action and reaction deepens pupils' understanding of historical content and use of key study skills. It forces them to understand, to wrestle, to articulate, to challenge, to question. Getting pupils to act and react causes excitement, encourages controversy and motivates through surprise: the elements of electric lessons. You're even encouraging them to argue with each other! They'll learn without even realising it. This ‘Cunning Plan' addresses a substantial chunk of the 1750-1900 area of study. A short overview of industrialisation is followed by a series of linked enquiries, forming a depth study on factory conditions, art and politics. Building upon work on sources and interpretations carried out in Years 7 and 8, this is very thorough citizenship education. Make sure it forms a direct and central part of your school's citizenship.

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