Bilingual History Enquiry

2015 was a year of anniversaries. As part of our funded commemoration projects surrounding the 600th anniversary of the Battle of Agincourt, we have commissioned a brand new bilingual enquiry looking at the battle and how it has been remembered, particularly aimed at pupils in years 6 and 7 or as a Key Stage Two/Three transition project.

Through a series of new education projects funded by Agincourt 600, the Historical Association seeks to provide teachers with the depth of subject knowledge surrounding the significance and interpretations of the Battle of Agincourt and the 15th century world more widely. Our projects also seek to investigate perceptions of the battle over time and in both Britain and France.

Our new series of podcasts on the Hundred Years’ War and our Agincourt themed edition of The Historian takes us through some of these interesting questions and coupled with these two brand new and fully resourced enquiries, providing a bilingual approach will provide an entire toolkit for teachers looking to unlock a deeper understanding of British history, the 15th century world and Anglo-French relations over time.

These enquiries, complete with resource packs, have been designed for schools to use as much or as little of as they wish and they are completely open access and freely downloadable for all. The French and History enquiries work can act as stand alone units and are therefore useable in both curriculum areas separately, but are best used working together as part of a cross-curricular or extra-curricular project involving both subject areas.

Each enquiry has been designed with year 6 and 7 pupils in mind, but also to provide a level of challenge and progression in both History and French. If you are wracking your brains trying to think of an innovative chronological unit of study for your year 6 class, look no further! If you are interested in sharing ideas and expertise through an immersive transition project with your local primary/secondary then this may also be the enquiry for you. Similarly, if you are looking for a great extra/cross-curricular project, then we've done the hard work for you.

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