Destination Unknown

By Bill Konigsberg (Scholastic)

Destination Unknown

Review by Praise
I just have to start with....WOW what a book, a story, a journey. Destination Unknown truly lives up to it's name, throughout the book, Micah (and CJ's) destination is really that, unknown. Throughout the book, you go on a rollercoaster of emotions with Micah, living life as a gay seventeen-year-old in New York City in the thick of the AIDs epidemic. It's a powerful story of finding yourself, finding love, and fear of a virus that is unknown. It's truly a wild ride that will have you smiling at parts, laughing at others, and crying. It's a great story that really shows you what it was like to live in such an unknown time of the virus and teaches you very valuable lessons and information. It was a fantastic read that I couldn't put down by the time I got to around the middle of the book.  

Review by Marie
Immediately after reading the blurb of this book, I knew I had to go for it. A gay historical fiction, set during the AIDS crisis? Count me in. Thankfully, I was not disappointed; Destination Unknown is everything I could have possibly hoped for and more. As previously mentioned, Destination Unknown is set during the AIDS crisis - which, before reading, I unfortunately knew little about. This book is informative without ever becoming disinteresting, with likeable characters and a plot that captures its readers. LGBTQ absolutely needs to appear in more historical fiction, and I applaud this book for its fabulous display of such. CJ and Micah are both wonderful main characters, completely unique and written better than I could have expected. I am at a loss for exactly what to say for this book, other than I enjoyed every second, and will most certainly be looking for similar reading material. The AIDS crisis is not spoken about nearly enough, and this book does a fantastic job at shedding light on this whilst still managing to be an investing fictional tale.

I highly recommend this book.  

Review by Aston
I thoroughly enjoyed reading ‘Destination Unknown’. I think one of the reasons why is because it is definitely intended for a mature audience. I think the character I found the most interesting was CJ, because he had many hidden secrets throughout the book. The plot took place in 1987 and 1988 and follows the main characters Micah and CJ from Micah’s perspective as the two develop a romantic bond. I wouldn’t recommend this book to younger audiences as it is intended for a more mature audience, with mentions of death, illness, sexual and romantic activities. The plot was certainly quite serious and thought-provoking, which made the book more enjoyable to read. I learned a lot about the AIDs epidemic in the late 80s and how many victims it claimed and killed and how Ronald Reagan did little to help and how most people did not care how many gay people died, as it did not affect them.

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