Sudan Holy Mountain: Jebel Barkal and its Temples

Guide Book

By Timothy Kendall and El-Hassan Ahmed Mohamed, published 3rd January 2024

This guide book was produced by Timothy Kendall and El-Hassan Ahmed Mohamed (Co-Directors NCAM Archaeological Mission at Jebel Barkal) and has been published on our website by their kind permission (© 2022 Timothy Kendall and El-Hassan Ahmed Mohamed) to support our podcast that examines the history of Ancient Nubia and the Kushite Civilisations

This book details and introduces the most recent research on Kushite religion.

Preface: As co-directors of the Jebel Barkal Archaeological Mission of NCAM (the National Corporation of Antiquities and Museums of Sudan), we are pleased to be able to present this Guidebook as a summary of the results of our team’s discoveries in the Amun sanctuary there, made between 1986 and 2016. Until our final publication is completed (anticipated 2024/25), this booklet can provide for English readers an introduction to the site and its monuments and a summary of our latest views on the site’s evolution, its religious meaning, and its impact on the ancient political history of the Nile Valley.