We Remember Rwanda


By Centre for Holocaust Education, published 17th July 2014

As an IOE Beacon School, St John's explored how learning about the Holocaust can improve understanding about other genocides and help strengthen efforts towards genocide prevention.

‘We Remember Rwanda'

One important outcome is the impact on students, aged 13-17, who - in the 20th anniversary year of the genocide in Rwanda - were deeply troubled by how little was done to prevent these crimes and by how little is still known about them today. These young people have taken it upon themselves to change that.

Their powerful and moving film, ‘We Remember Rwanda' is shown here. Students from the school produced the film by themselves: they wrote, directed and filmed it; interviewed a survivor of the genocide and journalists who witnessed it; recruited the actor Sam West to narrate it; and convinced TV companies to let them use vivid archival footage. They ask that teachers in secondary schools across the United Kingdom and overseas ensure that their students see this film and heed its message.

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