Exemplar applications: introduction

On these pages you will find exemplar applications for the Chartered Teacher Programme (CTHist) from history educators covering a range of education phases, length of experience and background. These are designed to provide examples of successful applications; however, it should be noted that each application is personal and based upon the experience and expertise of the individual applying. 

The CTHist criteria specify that a sample of 6 pieces of evidence per application should be submitted but that more can be listed and footnoted. These additional items referred to in the statement but not supplied in the sample may be requested at a later date by the panel if deemed necessary. For the purposes of the exemplar applications, we have asked pilot participants to supply examples of all evidence that they cited to enable better understanding of their applications for a wider audience. However, please note that applications should normally only consist of 6 pieces of selected evidence and that any further evidence cited in statements should be footnoted and will only be asked for if the panel request to see it. 

Evidence List:

  • SE01 – Quality Mark report – supplied
  • SE15 – Lesson sequence year 7 – not supplied
  • SE16 – Article for teaching History journal – supplied
  • SE17 – project work with local historical society – not supplied
  • SE18 – mentor portfolio – not supplied
  • SE19 – Blog post - supplied

 For further guidance on the kinds of evidence that might be expected from applicants in differing contexts, please take a look at our pathways document in the application section.

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