Emmeline and the Plucky Pup

By Megan Rix

Young Quills reviews

Marjotpreet's review
Who are the main characters?
The main characters are Daisy and Alfie.

Who was your favourite character? Why?
My favourite character was Daisy because she was being really brave.

Did you like the book?
I liked the book but it wasn’t so amazing because some of the bits were quite boring.

Would you recommend this book to a friend? Why or why not?
I am not quite sure if I would recommend it or not. I would because some bits are really exciting but I wouldn’t because other bits are quite boring.

Star rating ★★★

Efe's review
Summary: This book is about Emmeline Pankhurst trying to be able to get women to vote. The WSPUs are on Emmeline’s side, which makes them part of a suffrage group. The colours of the Women’s Social Political Union party are purple for dignity, white for purity, and green for hope. The location of this marvellous, excellent adventure is Nelson Street. Rascal, who is the dog, is brown and white and has a black snout. Can Emmeline be able to persuade Winston Churchill to give women the right to vote? Read Emmeline and the Plucky Pup to find out!

Opinion: My favourite character is Emmeline because she allowed maltreated children to live with her. My least favourite part was when Mary died because it was tragic.

Recommendation: I recommend this book for 6 and older because if you are younger you may not comprehend this book. As well as this, I recommend this book for people who support women because this book is all about that.

Thank you for reading this review!

Jaspreet's review
What happens? Did you find the plot interesting?
They have to fight for a vote and I found it interesting because you don’t know if they are going to win the vote.

Who are the main characters?
The main characters are Alfie and Rascal.

Who was your favourite character? Why?
My favourite character is Rascal because Rascal is a cute dog.

Did you like the book?
I liked the book and my favourite part was when they try to get the vote because it makes me feel that I should never give up.

Would you recommend this book to a friend? Why or why not?
I would recommend this book to a friend because it’s about dogs.

Star rating ★★★★

Mia's review
I really enjoyed Emmeline and the Plucky Pup because it was very adventurous and exciting. It taught me a great deal about how the suffragettes were treated.

I didn’t dislike any of it so I think this is a good book. It was full of breath-taking moments.

Alfie's review
This book is about a puppy who helps a suffragette run a campaign to get women the vote.

Zach's review
I enjoyed reading this book because it was a very inspiring book. I found Emmeline Pankhurst very interesting because she was fighting for what was right, women’s votes. I liked that she reminded me of my great-nan, she also fought for women’s rights to equal pay.

I really enjoyed reading about the friendship between Alfie and Rascal. My favourite part was when Alfie found Rascal and they had an instant bond. The character I didn’t like was the matron because she was horrid, mean, and selfish to all the people from the workhouse.

I have learnt that women didn’t always have the right to vote and if it wasn’t for people like Mrs Pankhurst they still wouldn’t. I would definitely recommend this book to other children.

Kinana's review

I really like it because it is in the style of Michael Morpurgo who, in my opinion is a pretty good author. It starts with two children, a brother and a sister who are escaping from the work house in 1910 to get to Mrs Emmeline Pankhurst’s house. When they arrive they get fed and live with her for a while. 

When they go with Emmeline Pankhurst to protest near parliament Alfie, (the brother) finds a little puppy who was about to be killed by a speedy horse.

Then he becomes a really good friend and his new carers let him keep the dog who is called Rascal and is WSPU’s mascot.

It is a bit sad because many people are either injured or are killed but luckily Alfie and his sister, Daisy survive as well as Emmeline Pankhurst and Rascal.

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