Thrive as an NQT (Part 1)

Thrive Part 1

By Authors: James Woodcock, Matt Bradshaw. Updated by Dr Duncan Marks., published 25th November 2014

No matter how good your training was, starting as an NQT is a significant step up in your teaching career. You will still be wrestling with the big ideas about history teaching which you explored in your training year.  You will also have the all too real, day-to-day pressures of a (nearly) full timetable, possibly a form group and a school of hundreds of strange children and staff to get to know.  The activities suggested in the two ‘Thrive' units will help you to learn from your experiences during this baptism of fire, helping you to move on from merely surviving in History teaching to - ultimately! - thriving. 

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Introduction: NQT Year

  • Mini-Introduction: Before you start your NQT
  • My likely role
  • Activity

Chapter 1: Form Tutor

  • Becoming a Form Tutor
  • Dealing with sensitive situations
  • Getting advice
  • Benefits
  • Extra-curricular activities
  • Activities

Chapter 2: Other Subjects

  • Teaching subjects other than History
  • Further resources
  • Activities

Chapter 3: Emotive & Controversial Issues

  • Teaching emotive and controversial issues in History
  • Emotive and controversial issues
  • Challenges
  • Planning
  • Similarity & difference

Chapter 4: Using and recording data (part 2)

  • Using and recording data (part 2)
  • What is useful data to record?
  • Possible mark book codes for generic skills
  • Activities

Chapter 5: Wall Displays

  • Wall Displays
  • Activity

Chapter 6: Why history?

  • Explaining why we teach History