Chain of Gold, The Last Hours book 1

By Cassandra Clare (Walker Books)

Chain of Gold By Cassandra Clare

Neha's review
I enjoyed the Shadow Hunters, Chain of Gold, very much and it mixes history and fantasy (which was very interesting!) and kept me engaged throughout the whole book. 

The book is set in Edwardian London and is very interesting to see the descriptions of how London was then compared to how it is now, allowing readers to immerse themselves in the period and gain an understanding of it, without it being overtly about History. James and Lucie would have known about that period as they grew up in Edwardian London, but Cordelia would not have known much as she was new to London. 

My favourite character is Lucie as she has a fun and bubbly personality, and she is also very eager to start her parabatai bond with Cordelia, and friendship is very important to her. 

The plot was full of romance (when Cordelia was in love with James but had to keep it a secret as he was in love with Grace), drama and action as they constantly had to be aware of the demons and when they would attack. 

I would recommend it to other students as it is very entertaining, has action and drama in the book and keeps you wanting to read more. I will be reading the second book in the series so I am sure others will enjoy it too.

Thomas's review
I really enjoyed this book because of the plot twists and the great interweaving of the story line and symbolism. My favourite character was James Herondale who was a key representation of internal conflict and how society viewed women and men at the time of the story. I was particularly interested in the mannerisms of the regular "mundane" people who lived in London at the time and what was expected of people with bloodlines and family reputation. This was reflected in multiple characters in the book and especially in the ending. I didn't know much about nobility at the time that the book was set and so I was very interested in it. The plot was ever-changing and I had no idea about the consequences of certain decisions at many instances in the book. I want to read the next book in the series. I would definitely recommend this book to other peers.

Nicole's review
My favourite character would have to be Cordelia because she is extremely brave and strong when times are tough. I didn’t really like Grace because she was using James but he did not know. I didn’t really learn anything about the past because this book is mostly fantasy but it is still an amazing book and I would definitely recommend it. The reason why I gave the bookn4 stars instead of 5 is because it is a long read and most people wouldn’t like it for that. There are also some slightly weirder parts which again others would not like.

4 out of 5 stars.

Ronnie's review
I found most interesting Lucie as when she was young she was able to see and touch a ghost called Jesse. I did not learn anything new about the past from this book (unless there was Shadow hunters in the past then yes). The time in the past was interesting to me as it involved Shadow Hunters.

I think the plot was exciting to read how Lucie could see and touch a ghost. I also thought the plot was thought-provoking, serious and a bit of light-hearted.

The fact that only Lucie can see Jesse not even his own family can see him nor touch him whereas Lucie can see and touch him. I would recommend the book to other students. I learned one or two words that were slanted – there was nothing I didn’t like about the book.

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