Global Learning November 2016

Global Learning Project

By Alf Wilkinson, published 29th November 2016

Resources and News

Although this project has now ended, the links and resources on this page remain useful. 

1. Climate Change and Global Learning - New Key Stage 2 Activity Kit

With the 2015 Paris Agreement, and the recent climate conference in Marrakech, climate action is high on the international agenda.

This activity kit develops Key Stage 2 pupils’ understanding of the human impact of climate change, encouraging them to recognise how climate change and other global issues are interlinked, and to recognise their role in tackling this challenge

Download PDF: Climate Change and Global Learning

2. Start the change

2. What's new on Global Dimension

The recent feature, A Fair Festive Season? reflects on global interconnections and explores options for shopping fairly and ethically (or not shopping at all!).

The following new resources have been added recently, they are all free. 

  • Smoky Homes: KS2 STEM project from Practical Action exploring health & environment issues for 3 billion people globally who cook on open fires or traditional cookstoves.
  • Story Museum teaching resources: KS2&3 films and lesson plans telling true stories about some of the animals caught up in World War 1, including a koala, an elephant and a camel!
  • Our Migration Story: secondary website presenting the often untold stories of generations of migrants who shaped Britain.
  • Dollar Street: fantastic online photo-resource for all ages from Gapminder, featuring everyday life photos from over 240 families living in 50 countries around the world.
  • Renewable Energy: How can we keep the lights on?: KS2&3 British Council and Royal Society resource about renewable energy
  • Natural disasters: earthquakes: secondary resource on the impact of the Nepal earthquake, developed by the British Red Cross with the support of the Geographical Association.
  • Raising our Voices: KS2 resources from Oxfam helping pupils to discover the role of music in bringing about social change in the USA and Latin America.

Your Life, My Life: 15 short films from some of the countries Oxfam works in, celebrating fun and games for ages 5 to 9.