General Interest

  • Victorian Gadgets

    24th April 2010

    "Weird, eccentric and everyday gadgets, contraptions and oddities from the past"How the collection startedIt all started down a hole in the ground on a Victorian rubbish dump in North London, my son, aged 13 decided that he wanted to dig for old bottles and pot lids on a local dump...

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  • Story Vault

    5th April 2010

    StoryVault.Com goes live - a portal to the past for future generationsHow often have you heard a person speaking and said "someone should record this before it's too late?" Fascinating memories from ordinary people which should not be allowed to be forgotten....Now you can, thanks to the ‘public' launch (1st...

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  • Normandy Day Association

    11th March 2010

    In 2001, it was foreseen that, as each year passes, the number of veterans of the D Day Landings diminish while those that are left would find it increasingly difficult to stand "on parade" and march: the contrast between the parades marking the 65th anniversary of the Landings and the...

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  • The History of the World in 100 Objects

    13th January 2010

    The British Museum, in partnership with BBC Radio 4 are launching The History of the World in 100 Objects. The scheme encourages an examination of life, traditions and customs in the past through  100 carefully chosen artefacts. Each week is a different featured artefact. The museum holds an exhibition of...

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  • Stories of Bromley Lost Memorials are now online!

    1st January 2010

    Records of thousands of people who lived in Bromley and district over a period of many centuries are now featured on the Kent Archaeological Society's website. The records, in the form of memorial inscriptions (‘MIs') on gravestones, tombs and monuments at the parish church of St Peter and St Paul,...

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  • Cabinet Papers from 1915 to 1978 online.

    27th January 2009

    The latest releases from the National Achieves including Jim Callaghan's fears about British defence and his plan to exclude Margaret Thatcher from the Royal Box. Discover online how the government of the day made those tough decisions during key events of the 20th century, covering two world wars and the...

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  • Oxford Dictionary of National Biography celebrates the 90th anniversary of the women's vote!

    2nd December 2008

    *Freely available in almost all UK public libraries, with direct home access for library members* 14 December 2008 is the 90th anniversary of the election of the first woman to the British House of Commons, and the first election in which women (over 30 years) were able to stand as candidates...

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