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  • HA Annual Conference 2013

    26th August 2012

    York, 10-11 May 2013 Presidential Lecture: Professor Jackie Eales How glorious was Gloriana? Elizabeth I and her historians Saturday Lecture: Marc Morris - The Norman Conquest Marc presented the TV series Castle and wrote the accompanying book. Marc's talk will be based on his new book, The Norman Conquest, which...

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  • GCSE Results 2012

    22nd August 2012

    Congratulations to the students who have received their GCSE results. In particular we at the Historical Association are proud of those who now have a GCSE in history - those students are part of the long tradition of British young people who continue to understand the importance of studying the...

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  • Update on plans to change the GCSE, 2012

    25th June 2012

    Last week news concerning the future of the GCSE examination was leaked to the media. Here at the HA we were as surprised by the announcements as members of Mr Gove's own party. The media has pounced on the leak and changes creating a storm of interest and further confusion....

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  • Results of the HA Write Your Own Historical Story Competition 2012

    24th June 2012

    The Historical Association Write Your Own Historical Story Competition and the Joan Blyth Memorial Prize 2012. The competition this year has again been successful. With the change in categories there was a very slight reduction in entries but this was balanced by the number of schools entering students who had...

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  • Winners of the Young Quills 2012 Prize for Historical Fiction Announced

    17th June 2012

    The Historical Association is pleased to announce that the winners of The Young Quills Awards for 2012 are Barbara Mitchelhill, for Run Rabbit Run, Andersen (2011), in the Primary age group category and in the secondary age group category Paul Dowswell, for Sektion 20, Bloomsbury (2011). Both of the books...

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  • Examination Boards: Time For Change? 2012

    22nd May 2012

    All in all, the last few months have been rough for exam boards: allegations of leaking content of future papers, heavy criticism of mechanistic and unfit GCSE exams and now news that a senior OCR examiner has been suspended for blowing the whistle on incorrect marking of examination papers. Hundreds...

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  • HA Announces New History Qualification

    4th May 2012

    In line with its total commitment to History for All, the HA has, with ASDAN, developed a history CoPE course that is accessible, yet challenging. This new course will be available to centres for teaching from September 2012. ASDAN style ‘challenges' fit closely with the HA's vision of history as...

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  • Ofsted reports in history and materials for schools 2011/12

    30th April 2012

    Subject professional development materials: history - 27 January 2012. This resource has been put together to help teachers in primary and secondary schools improve teaching and learning by reflecting on the main messages from the report (History for all) published in March 2011. History for all - 13 March 2011. This report...

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  • Historical Association response to A-Level Changes 2012

    22nd April 2012

    Mr Gove recently announced changes to A-Level examinations. The rationale was to make A-Level examinations more rigorous and difficult to pass and raise standards. The Historical Association supports a rigorous approach to A-Level study as the basis for further education and careers, whilst maintaining accessibility for all to the study...

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  • The Young Historian Project 2012

    22nd April 2012

    This initiative has been celebrating the achievements of young historians in schools for over twenty years. It is largely funded by the Historical Association and the Spirit of Normandy Trust. It has an annual award scheme and also funds some special events, such as the annual Young Historian Day at...

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