History news

  • Bastille Day

    4th July 2023

    If you couldn’t get excited about the Coronation earlier this year perhaps the trigger for a revolution is more your thing? If so, why not celebrate or commemorate Bastille Day with a little bit of French Revolution reading and listening. Collected here is one of our classic pamphlets as well...

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  • Virtual Branch Recording: The survival strategies of the Near Eastern powers facing Mongol invasion.

    26th June 2023

    The Mongol invasions into the Near East had a devastating effect upon many societies, sultanates, empires and kingdoms. For decades, wave after wave of armies swept across the area, defeating every army sent against them and utterly reshaping the area’s complex political ecosystem. Some powers fell in battle; some submitted...

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  • Windrush 75

    6th June 2023

    The ship the HMT Empire Windrush arrived into the UK on 22 June 1948. It carried 592 passengers from the Caribbean who were answering the UK Government’s call to fill jobs in Britain’s post-war economy. Between 1948–1971 many more Empire and Commonwealth citizens from the Caribbean islands would arrive in...

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  • Gypsy, Roma and Traveller History Month

    2nd June 2023

    It is Gypsy, Roma and Traveller History Month in June. This group of communities are probably some of the least understood across Europe, yet they have some of the longest histories of any European ethnic minorities, stretching back over 1000 years. Many people feel uncomfortable with the idea of a...

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  • HA Annual Conference round-up 2023

    19th May 2023

    If you're interested in presenting in 2024, find details below.  HA Annual Conference 2023, Harrogate We hope everyone who was able to attend Annual Conference 2023 in-person or online has now managed to catch breath – because it really was quite a whirlwind of talks, workshops, creativity, famous names and...

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  • Refugee Week 2023

    19th May 2023

    People become refugees all over the world for many different reasons, and they come from many different backgrounds. Refugees have been a continuous feature of human societies for thousands of years. How long people remain as a refugee can be days, weeks or a lifetime – what unites them is that they...

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  • The Historian 157: Out now


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  • The Coronation of King Charles III

    2nd May 2023

    Saturday 6 May 2023 will see the first coronation of a British monarch for 70 years. Only those now in their 70s or above will remember the last one. The coronation ceremony has its roots in traditions over a thousand years old.  Whether you are a Royalist or a Republican or...

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  • Local History Month 2023

    1st May 2023

    For schools Primary Webinar series: Diversity in local history (starts 18 May) What makes good local history? (open access until the end of May)  Local significant individuals Local history scheme of work: The story of our high street  Primary History articles: local history Teacher Fellowship programme: Local history - outcome resources (open...

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  • The Medlicott Medal 2023

    3rd April 2023

    We are pleased to announce that Professor Diarmaid MacCulloch is to be awarded the Medlicott Medal for outstanding services and current contributions to history.   The award seeks to recognise individuals from a diversity of backgrounds in their service to history. Professor MacCulloch has an extensive academic CV, some of which is included at...

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