Bringing an archaeologist into the classroom

Primary History article

By Ilona Aronovsky and Akshyeta Suryanarayan, published 22nd June 2022

The past as represented in school history textbooks and websites is adapted to meet the needs of primary-aged children, but the knowledge on which this depends derives from detailed academic research. Engaging children with historians and archaeologists can show them how we learn about and construct our understanding of history and archaeology. This needs to be made accessible to children as it can bring alive the nature and excitement of finding out about the past. This interview with Dr Akshyeta Suryanarayan provides a fascinating insight into current archaeology of Indus Valley Civilisation society.

You could consider – how could I adapt what I have learnt for my teaching? How might I use an interview like this to help children communicate with an expert invited to the classroom? How could material be adapted or an interview planned in advance to meet the needs of particular age groups of children?...

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