Viking travel

Lesson Plan (KS2)

By Margaret Saunders and Jacqui Dean, published 8th December 2010

Please note: this lesson was produced as part of the Nuffield Primary History project (1991-2009) and pre-dates the 2014 National Curriculum. It is part of a full sequence of lessons available here.

How did the Vikings travel so far?

Using photos to investigate a Viking longboat. (See Gokstad ship for links to photographs.)

Key questions were:

  • What state might the remains of this Viking longboat have been in when the archaeologists discovered them?
  • Why do you think this Viking longboat was built?
  • How do you think it was built?

The work was done during the literacy hour. The focus is on using pictures of Viking ships and a non-fiction text (Viking topic book) as sources of historical information, and on whole class discussion, questioning and evaluation.

(These resources are attached below) 


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