Jarrow Crusade

Lesson Plan

By Jon Nichol , published 10th January 2011

1930s Depression: a case study

Bringing this decade of economic depression and hardship to life for the children, using the story of the 1936 Jarrow march.

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As an introduction to the 1930s the class had already watched the How We Used to Live video. The children had also written letters to their grandparents, asking for memories of pre- and post-war Britain.

Web links

Photographs of the Jarrow Crusade: Jarrow marchers

BBC summary of the Jarrow Crusade, including the general situation, a brief biography of Ellen Wilkinson, and the aftermath.

Other useful websites:
A primary source: Guardian article, written a week after the start of the March; gives typical reporter's account of the marchers.

Concise summary.

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