How should we remember Rosa Parks?

Primary History Article

By Hilary Claire, published 31st May 2006

Rosa Parks died in October 2005, aged 92. It's a life story which resonates with any age group. In a recent visit to a nursery, I saw 4 year olds who had lined up the chairs to make a bus, playing out Rosa's refusal to move from her seat. She is a significant person for KS1 history and an iconic figure for Black History Month: in her lifetime named 'Mother of the Civil Rights Movement', accorded a Congressional Medal in 1999, and one of the very few who has lain in State on Capitol Hill in Washington on her death, as flags throughout the USA flew at half mast. But more than that – when we consider the ripple effects of huge campaigns elsewhere on attitudes here, we also have a way into British post war history.

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