Teaching History 142: Experiencing History


HA, last updated: 19th June 2011

Experiencing History

02 Editorial

03 HA Secondary News

04 Rachel Foster - Passive receivers or constructive readers? Pupils' experiences of an encounter with academic history

14 Lindsay Cassedy, Catherine Flaherty and Michael Fordham - Seeing the historical world: exploring how students perceive the relationship between historical interpretations

22 Polychronicon - Arthur Chapman

24 Arthur Chapman - Twist and shout? Developing sixth-form students' thinking about historical interpretation

34 Marcus Collins - Historiography from below: how undergraduates remember learning history at school

40 Jonathan White - A comparative revolution? An argument for in-depth study of the Iranian revolution in a familiar way

48 Cunning Plan

50 Rick Rogers - ‘Isn't the trigger the thing that sets the rest of it on fire?' Causation maps: emphasising chronology in causation exercises

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