The Historian 131: 1066 in 2016

The magazine of the Historical Association

By HA, published 11th November 2016

In this edition of The Historian

4 Reviews (See latest reviews online)

5 Editorial (Read article)

6 1066 in 2016 - David Bates (Read article)

12 Populism, Progressivism and Trumpism: third party, inter-party and intra-party candidates in campaigns for the American presidency - Michael Dunne (Read article)

19 The President’s Column

20 Admiral Lord Mountbatten: man of science and royal role model - Adrian Smith (Read article)

24 The Great Yarmouth Suspension Bridge Disaster of 1845 - Gareth Davies (Read article)

28 ‘BOYS, BE STEADY’: British organised youth and the First World War - John Springhall (Read article)

33 In the News

34 The development of the Department of Health in the twentieth century - Hugh Gault (Read article)

36 Robert Grosseteste (c. 1170-1253): England’s forgotten Philosopher - Jack Cunningham (Read article)

40 Folkestone in World War One - Grahame Jones (Read article)

41 HA Tours

42 My Favourite History Place: Nuneaton’s Old Grammar School - David Paterson (Read article)

43 US Presidents in ten tweets

44 Out and About: in Medieval Toulouse (Read article)

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