Thinking about the ethical dimension

Teaching History article

By Tim Huijgen, Paul Holthuis, Roel Nijmeijer and Iris Van Den Brand, published 15th December 2022

Thinking about the ethical dimension: the life and choices of Rosie Glaser

Responding to concerns about Dutch students’ citizenship education, Tim Huijgen, Paul Holthuis, Roel Nijmeijer and Iris van den Brand set out to design online materials to help students understand the decisions and dilemmas faced by past actors. They focused on the life and actions of Rosie Glaser (1914–2000), a Dutch Holocaust survivor, using Dancing with the Enemy, her nephew Paul Glaser’s account of her life during the war years. They present design principles for their online materials about Rosie, which focus on encouraging students to contextualise her actions and the actions of others, and to make connections with contexts of action in the present. They explore teachers’ perceptions of the materials and of the qualities of their students’ learning, and the experience of collaborating, in one case across borders, to engage students’ contextualised reflection...

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