The Korean War Legacy Foundation Veterans (KWLF) Interview Archive

The focus of this publication has been on teaching the history and legacy of the Korean War from a British perspective. Of course, history is huge and multi-faceted. In a publication such as this, we cannot even cover the full story of the Korean War as it affected Britain, let alone its wider significance in other countries and globally.

With this in mind, the aim of this final section is to make teachers and students aware of some of the impressive other resources that are available for the study of the Korean War.

For many years, the Korean War Legacy Foundation has been interviewing veterans of the Korean War from all the states that took part. After collecting over 1,100 interviews, the KWLF teacher fellows tagged the interviews with metadata and identified short, compelling video clips from each interview that would be useful in the classroom. The result is an unparalleled and incredibly precious resource to historians and teachers.

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