New approaches to teaching the History of Appeasement in the classroom

Published: 24th January 2024

This project has been created on the initiative of Professor Julie. V. Gottlieb, Dept. of History, University of Sheffield. British political history, political conflict, appeasement and the Munich Crisis (1938) itself is the focus of her research and publications. Rather than approach these topics from ‘traditional’, elite and history from above perspectives, she looks at these topics through the lenses of women’s and gender history, the cultural history of politics, history of emotion, and history from below and history from within. In particular, Julie’s work draws on previously neglected original sources of public opinion (and private feelings evoked by these most public events), including the Mass Observation Archive and the Journal of F. L. Lucas, a fierce critic of appeasement.

In partnership with the Historical Association, the project is collaborating with schools to engage teachers with this cutting-edge scholarship and these timely perspectives on appeasement, exploring ways of introducing it (and the sources on which it is based) into history classrooms. 

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Image: Neville Chamberlain addressing the crowds following the Munich Agreement, Wide World Photos, 1938. Cadbury Research Library, The University of Birmingham. 17/1/19/80 NB.