Dick, Kerr Girls: The Perfect Shot

Eve Ainsworth (UCLan)

The Perfect Shot

Review by Alice
I really liked this story because I love history and when I read it I also loved that this story has some very relatable moments. With the end of WW1 being declared, Hettie's brother Freddie should be feeling relieved, but unfortunately his personal war has only just begun. He is still crippled by nightmares and guilt about a mistake that led to a man's death in the war. I think that he tries to distract himself by helping Hettie support the Dick, Kerr team. His love for photography sees him quickly become their unofficial photographer, taking team shots and getting to know the girls. Unexpectedly, the introduction of a new key player, Jessie Walmsley – a brave heroic woman, helps Freddie to face his demons and a new job opportunity giving him the chance to travel the country, reporting on the Dick, Kerr Girls, which makes the story even more exciting.

Review by Raya
The character I found the most interesting was Martha because when she wanted to join the football team she was too young to join so she practised until she was able to join the football team. The character I didn't like was Mr Gordon because he didn't give Freddie a chance at being a photographer even though he knew that Freddie was really good at taking photographs. What I learnt from the past in the book was that people lost a lot of loved ones and that some people came back with injuries that would be healed quicker than others like Freddie's injury. 

What made the history interesting in this book was that after you were healed from the war you would go and find a job. Freddie was still hurt but he could walk so he went to find a job and people realised that he has been injured from the war. It was exciting because when the girls' football team got told that they were going to France for a football game.

When they have finished their match they got congratulated by British soldiers and Freddie also recognised some of them.

What stands out for me from the book is that Freddie's friend Johnnie died in the war and his wife wasn't mentioned more than 2 times and I think she should get visited by Freddie or his other friends. I would recommend the book to other pupils.

Review by Keyaan
I think people who like football should read this. Every chapter is very interesting which makes it a good read.

I liked the main character Freddie, as he’s shy because he went to war, but he slowly gains confidence. I liked that at the start of the chapters it tells you how he feels.

The book is enjoyable, and it’s appropriate for 9-15 year olds.

Review by Lewis
I would recommend The Perfect Shot to other people because it is based on a true story. I think the best character is Freddie because he went through a tough time when he came back from the war. The time when this was set was an interesting time because we can learn that [war] was not very nice at all and it can affect others who were not even there when the war even happened. The person who I did not like was Gordon because he gave Freddie a hard time. Also the DICK, KERR GIRLS played so well when people said that girls should not play football. I found that really mean because football should be for everyone.

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