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Anne-Marie Stephenson, published 10th May 2016

Gain direct access to the history teaching establishment by advertising in our dedicated primary and secondary teachers magazine and journals.   These journals are subscription based so the magazine is delivered direct to the name person and won’t get lost in the school administration service.  The three main publications have a combined readership of over 6000 many of whom are the decision maker for history in their school.

We have advertising opportunities in the following:

HA publications:

Teaching History

Primary History

The Historian

HA News



CPD (Continuing Professional Development) News

Education News

Historical News

Please see our rate card (attached below)


For more information on advertising in our publications contact:

Martin Hoare

Publications Manager

Telephone: 0207 820 5985

Email: (subject line: publication advertising with the HA)


For more information on advertising in our e-newsletters contact:

Anne-Marie Stephenson

Marketing and Communications Manager

Telephone: 0207 735 3901

Email:  (subject line: e-newsletter advertising with the HA)

We can also put together bespoke advertising packages to meet your needs if you are interest please contact: Anne-Marie Stephenson

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