The Great Debate: Sponsorship

Sponsor our Great Debate competition

By Anne-Marie Stephenson, published 14th April 2016

The Great Debate is a bi-annual event that encourages schools and students to get involved in public speaking.    It is a debating competition for students in the UK & Ireland aged between 16 and 18.  Students have 5 minutes to produce a speech on the set question.


Why the Great Debate?

It is a known fact that debating skills raise children's confidence and self-esteem. Public speaking skills are needed for educational progress, work and for full participation in democracy.  There is some evidence that children, who are taught these skills, perform better in maths, science and reasoning tests and that is where you can also help.


Help Us

Each year the event attracts:  hundreds of schools.  The HA is looking for support to expand the number of schools taking part and to encourage a wider diversity of schools.


To find out more about how we could work together contact Anne-Marie Stephenson ( (– subject line: Sponsorship Opportunities)

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