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    Historical Association membership is the perfect gift for anybody who studies, teaches or simply has a love of history. HA membership is not only a unique and personal gift but also supports future teaching and learning of history in schools across the UK and beyond.  Your gift recipient will receive:...

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  • Peterloo: HA interview with Mike Leigh and Jacqueline Riding

    27th November 2018

    The film Peterloo has been reviewed as one of the cinematic achievements of 2018, dramatising the people and events that led to the infamous ‘Peterloo’ massacre in August 1819. Respected film-maker Mike Leigh created the film using historical records and sources from the period, as he and historical adviser Jacqueline...

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  • Women’s Suffrage: the road to equality

    21st November 2018

    2018 has – rightly – seen a strong emphasis on the story of the suffragettes, of those courageous individuals who took to militant methods to get the vote for women. This is not their story; it is the often-overlooked story of the many thousands of women and men who fought...

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  • The Historian 139: Out now

    16th November 2018

    There has never been a more exciting time to study Anglo-Saxon history. Recent archaeological discoveries are transforming our understanding of the narrative of early English history and have added new layers of meaning to our existing knowledge. New methodologies such as the study of landscape and of gender have challenged...

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  • We Will Remember Them

    1st November 2018

    This November marks 100 years from the Armistice of the First World War. The war had lasted over four years and had destroyed empires and rocked governments. Existing practices and ideals were challenged, families were torn apart, and Europe and the World would feel the effect and legacy of the...

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  • Primary History 80: Out now

    26th October 2018

    Access Primary History 80 (Free to HA Primary members) The Historical Association would never pretend that it understands what is the best primary history practice. On the contrary it recognises that such practice probably does not exist. Even outstanding ideas can turn into something disastrous if the teacher does not make...

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  • Report on Race, Ethnicity and Equality in UK History

    19th October 2018

    Yesterday, the Royal Historical Society (RHS) launched their research report which highlights racial and ethnic inequalities in the teaching and practice of history in the UK. Less than 1% of university academics are Black, according to the RHS’s report. The report draws attention to the fact that while history remains...

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  • Teaching History 172: Out now

    23rd September 2018

    Access Teaching History 172 here (free to HA Secondary Members) Editorial: Cause and consequence While we suspect that few history teachers would accept EH Carr’s famous dictum that ‘the study of history is a study of causes’, causality is such a mainstay of school history that it seems surprising that...

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  • GCSE results 2018

    23rd August 2018

    Teachers – well done on getting your students this far – time for a pat on the back. (Congratulations to students too!) We know it’s been a tough few years – new exam, with new subject areas and no time to embed or try out the new approaches, but you’ve...

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  • The Historian 138: Out now

    23rd August 2018

    We are drawing towards the close of the First World War centenary. This November there will be lots of stories in the media about that period. We wanted to get some of our coverage done early – partly before you all get bogged down with an overload, but also to...

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