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  • Catch up on the latest updates with HA News

    22nd March 2021

    In this spring 2021 edition of HA News Dr Anne Murphy explores the origins of European financial markets; we present a special 'Real Lives' feature on the extraordinary policeman Harry Daley; there are inspiring 'What got me into history' pieces by Emma Griffin and Michael Maddison; and Paula Kitching chats to HA President Peter Mandler about his new...

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  • A milestone for HA membership

    19th March 2021

    We're delighted to share the incredible news that as of end February 2021 the HA has over 10,000 members. That figure includes both individual and school or organisational members covering multiple members of staff, and means that really many thousands more teachers, students and general history lovers are now members...

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  • HA Virtual Conference Round-up 2020

    1st December 2020

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  • Catch up on the latest updates with HA News

    6th October 2020

    In the autumn edition of HA News Jake Subryan Richards explores the Black Lives Matter movement and new HA President Peter Mandler looks at the toppling of statues; we remember Professors Justin Champion and Mark Ormrod who both passed away this year; and there is an inspiring 'What got me into history' by Peter D'Sena.  This HA News also includes...

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  • Windrush Day

    22nd June 2020

    To help you find out more about Black British history during this period we have released the following resources from our archive:

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  • Professor Justin Champion

    18th June 2020

    With great sadness the Historical Association has learned of the death of our former President, Professor Justin Champion on 10th June after a long illness. Justin was President of the Historical Association from May 2014 until May 2017 and he was a very popular choice, partly because of his background...

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  • Tackling racism: a continuing dialogue

    10th June 2020

    Recent events in the UK and the USA have once more raised the issue of racism to the top of the news agenda, providing us all with an opportunity to reflect on the type of society we want to live in and that we want to create. Racism has deep...

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  • Welcoming Peter Mandler as the new Historical Association President

    30th April 2020

    We are delighted to announce that Professor Peter Mandler has accepted the position of President of the HA. Professor Mandler will be taking over the position from Professor Tony Badger who will step down this later this year. Peter Mandler was born in the USA in 1958, educated at Oxford and...

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  • HA Secondary History Survey 2019

    21st April 2020

    Each year the HA carries out a survey into secondary schools to collect data on how history is taught and to uncover overall issues and concerns in education and teaching. The data is then analysed by teaching academics who are able to use the data from each survey to track...

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  • Professor Rana Mitter – Medlicott Medal awardee 2021

    3rd March 2020

    Last year we announced that the 2020 Medlicott award would go to Professor Rana Mitter. Due to the Covid-19 restrictions of 2020 we were unable to host an event that would allow us to present the award to Professor Mitter; we have decided, therefore, to hold the award over to...

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