Wolf Blood by N M Browne - Shortlisted - Published by Bloomsbury



The book is about a girl Celtic warrior and a man that turns into a wolf. They have to fight for their life. The girl has a lot of enemies; her worst enemy is the king, he makes all of her friends hate her by burning down her village where her friends live. But she gets her own back by killing him with a spear.

I enjoyed the fast paced moments like when Trista fell into the river. My favourite character in the book was Morcant because he was a good fighter and he could transform into a wolf.  

I didn't think that the history in the book was realistic because no one can turn into a wolf.

I did enjoy the story especially in the middle because it was fast paced and interesting all the way through.

If a second book came out I would read it. I would recommend this book to 11 years and over and to any one else who is a war and history lover.   

by Jack


This book is set in the ancient surroundings of Celtic culture in Britain. The main character, Trista, is a Celtic warrior and seeress who had been enslaved by an enemy tribe. Through another one of her gruesome and bloody visions, she decided that she needed to risk escaping slavery, as the tribe she is enslaved to is about to meet their end. She runs into the cold winter forest where she meets two Roman soldiers. Trista's future looks bleak but she senses something different about one of the soldiers. It turns out that Morcant is a shape-shifter, a werewolf that has both Roman and Celtic blood inside him. Somehow surviving, Trista and Morcant need to help each other in order to reach their own goals. They soon develop a fragile trust that could be more if it wasn't hindered by a certain she-wolf's call. However, Trista needs to deliver a vital message to a rebellious Celtic leader and Morcant needs to run before the Romans discover his true nature. Will Morcant and Trista make it through all their troubles with their lives intact?

I enjoyed this book because it gave a vivid image of the scenes to the reader. On the other hand, the main character was courageous and confident which is a change from the infuriating female characters in other books I have read. It is also a different view of a werewolf love story compared to the popular werewolf/vampire love stories that have been so well-liked by teens lately. I don't know much about the time of the Celts but the author seemed to have a strong grasp on what the world was like at the time and was as plausible as a fantasy story could be. Although I had no strong desire to find out more about the Celts, it did give me a better understanding of the life at the time.


However ‘Wolf's Blood' wasn't as gripping as the fast-paced, action-packed books or the painfully clear romance books I have read. The relationships between the two main characters were not outlined as clearly as I would have liked and the plot was slow.

I would recommend it to early teens like me who enjoy reading historical novels because I sometimes find it difficult to read books that have a historical setting as I don't understand the time period. I think both males and females can enjoy this book as it has a fair share of action and the romance isn't as critical within the plot.

by Amy

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