Day of Vengeance by Johnny O'Brien - Published by Templar Publishing



The book is set in World War 2, 1940, in Paris, occupied France. The main Character is Jack who time travels to save the world. He's already tried to save World War 1. He also has help from his Dad and his friend Angus but their work is top secret. The ‘club' is underneath his school with the help of teachers too. It's a thrilling, action book where you never know what's coming next.

I personally didn't enjoy the book as it wasn't my type of book. But I'm glad I tried it as the beginning was the best. You've just opened the book and are already loaded with action. I was a bit nervous as to what would happen next but most of the time it turned out ok! As it was fiction, it wasn't 100% realistic, but included a lot of accurate moments and characters. For example, of course, Hitler. It did make me want to find more out about the period of time, especially other people who really had to live with it. I didn't want to read more about the author as I didn't really like his style of writing.

I didn't enjoy the book because I felt it was more of a boy's book. I didn't not like the storyline, it was just the style of writing and some parts where they talk about the different types of planes etc. bored me a bit. I did want to keep reading about this period of time, but maybe more of a girl's type book.

I would recommend this book to 11-15 year olds boy's interested in action, vehicles, war and law.              

by Cydney  

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